• Malus Domestica, Beauty Gift!

    Malus Domestica, Beauty Gift!
    We would like to tell you about a special apple that instills youth in your hair and skin and the technology developed around it. Was it the wonderful flavor that drew Adam in, or did he already know about the fruit's extraordinary youth-boosting properties? We will never know that, but right now we are about to share with you a very special ingredient that prolongs the youthfulness of your skin and hair: Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract! Based on the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple called Uttwiler Spätlauber that derives from a seedling...
  • Dermaroller For Hair Growth? Yes, It Is Possible!

    Dermaroller For Hair Growth? Yes, It Is Possible!
    Attention! The text you are about to read contains contents that might be disturbing for those who have needle-phobia. No, no, we are kidding. Actually, not. If you are okay with hundreds of tiny miny needles going into your skin, then welcome to the club! The things that we do for beauty, huh? Derma roller basically works that way, by opening micro holes on your skin to create a rejuvenating effect, and it works! You can use a dermaroller to rejuvenate your skin. But did you know that you can also use it to regrow your...
  • Mustache Serum Is Making History

    Mustache Serum Is Making History
    Confucius said, "A man without a mustache is a man without a soul.". Well, Confucius, let's not exaggerate that much, but yes, we all know that a mustache is a very important accessory for men. There are many opinions about mustaches. Some say it is the make-up of a man; others say it is indicative of manhood and masculinity. In any way, we agree that a mustache is fashionable. Today we think it is mostly about style, but did you know that a mustache carried more meanings and importance in the past? Buckle up! We are...
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