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Gentle content for use from the first days of hair transplantation to support treatment
Special formula that supports the repair of hair cells and hair follicles
Contains ingredients that reduce hair loss during the attachment, shedding and regrowth of the transplanted grafts, support the natural hair growth process and ensure hair to grow thick and strong
Does not contain petroleum-derived ingredients and PARABEN
Supports the natural growth of the hair, allows the hair to grow thick and strong. Contains clinically-studied ingredients with proven efficacy within 30-90 days.
Reduces redness, itching, burning and pain; antihistaminic effect
pH 6.0-6.2 supports the repair process of the scalp with disrupted natural flora
Provides rapid healing and increased comfort during treatment process
Hair Complex Meso Serum with rich formula that supports the repair of hair cells and hair follicles. Contains many ingredients such as HERBAL STEM CELL, PROCAPIL, DNA, BIOTIN, GF FACTOR, KERATIN, SAW PALMETTO, NATURAL FINASTERIDE, HERBAL COMPLEXES, etc. Plays an important role in the treatment.
Active ingredients such as Panthenol, Aloe Vera, Allantoin, Gotu Kola, Beta-Glucan to reduce the stress of the scalp and also AMINO ACIDS and PROTEINS for rapid healing.
Vial: 6-ml vial contains doses for 2 days. It is recommended to be used in the morning and evening. The total volume of the product is enough for 20- to 25-day use. Suitable for daily use.
Use with dermaroller is recommended once a week, 3-4 times a month. It can be used daily with a dropper without a derma roller.
Hair Complex Meso Serum is suitable for anyone with hair loss. (men, women, children)
Can be used in those with medical treatment, stress-related hair loss, pregnancy, childbirth, etc

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