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Turkeyana Plus and Hair Caring

Hair is the main factor that expresses the appearance and personality of each person, which is part of beauty and elegance, and we all dream of the ideal hair and therefore attention is primarily on top of our priorities, but sometimes the hair of various kinds to drought and damage due to lack of nutrition and care of hair we find ourselves helpless In front of its repair, making us lose our attractive and glamorous appearance.

Hair Care depends on various kinds, as the type of hair varies from person to person, you must know the type of your hair first so you can treat and care for it.

Different Types of Hair:

  • Fatty hair: It is the hair that contains a fat-like oil layer that makes hair smooth and shiny.     
  • Dry hair: is the opposite of fatty hair does not reach the hair enough of the oil, you find your hair rough and without vitality and intertwined when combing.     
  • Curly hair: It is a mixture of the previous species, it combines the two types of fat and dry, we find the scalp fatty but the parties suffer from dehydration, which is the most demanding type of special treatment and care.     
  • Normal hair: It is not greasy or dry, it is the health of hair that does not suffer from the abundance of oil or said, it is not shiny and not dry, and is considered one of the best types of hair.

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