Our hair has always been the hero of our beauty. We had been changing its color, shape, and length constantly till today because all we know it’s very prominent in the first impression and it reflects our style. In return for this, they are worn out, dirty, oiled, heat-treated and broken during the day. No matter what, we never give up on shaping it, painting it, changing its appearance, as both men and women. In addition, hormonal and stress-related processes, chemotherapy, malnutrition and environmental factors can also cause hair loss and every “next day” a new adventure starts from scratch for our hair. An adult individual loses an average of 100-150 strands of hair per day, even without these reasons. 

So, what should we understand from all these signs that our hair is giving us? They are hurt! 

We would like to introduce you Turkeyana Plus Shampoo Against Hair Loss to offer solutions to all these problems. If you want to care at the same time while cleaning your hair but you are curious and hesitant about its content, let's explain! Turkeyana Plus Shampoo Against Hair Loss, with its pH value of 6 and rich components, repairs your hair from head to toe and prevents breakage. It is an example of a completely successful intervention, especially after hair implant applications. Turkeyana Plus Shampoo, which helps to prevent Alopecia and Seborrheic Dermatitis problems, can be used on all hair types as easily as normal shampoos. Also can be used with the malnutrition problems solver Turkeyana Plus Hair Care Serum can find out the way of perfect healthcare and a very useful alternative for individuals struggling with hair loss.

Because we owe it to our hair!

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