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A derma roller is a small roller lined with tiny needles. Turkeyana Plus Dermaroller for Hair is an application that creates small needle strokes on the scalp with a device with tiny micro needles. (1.0mm needle for Turkeyana Plus Dermaroller) These needle sizes vary according to the device used.

The micro-traumas created by these needles are superficial and you are less likely to experience excessive skin redness and skin discomfort when you use a dermaroller with needles of this length.

If you use adermaroller with longer needles, you may damage your scalp and cause scalp wounds.

How is Turkeyana Plus Dermaroller for Hair applied to hair?

Let's come to the question of how to use it for hair!

Firstly, we would like to warn you on that if you have a disease such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis on your scalp, or if you have previous sensitivity, itching, redness or sores on your scalp, you should not try dermaroller.

When using Turkeyana Plus Dermaroller for Hair, we recommend that you first divide the areas where you experience hair loss into sections.

Apply a few drops of Turkeyana Plus Hair Serum, to your hair and gently massage these areas.

Afterwards, start to pass over these areas 3-4 times with the dermaroller, through the direction of your hair growth, back and forth. However, the point you should pay attention to during the dermaroller hair application is the pressure you apply. When applying a dermaroller, you should never apply too much pressure (you should not press the dermaroller), otherwise you may damage your scalp and hair follicles.

Afterwards, you can apply Turkeyana Plus Hair Serum and care oil again.

If you have just started using Turkeyana Plus Dermaroller for Hair, you should apply it once a week or every 2 weeks in the first month. In the following months, it will be sufficient to apply once a month.

Turkeyana Plus Hair Complex Meso Serum is what you need and more!

Thanks to its strong and intense content which includes plant stem cell, hyaluronic acid, sodium DNA, biotin, procapil, Turkeyana Plus Hair Complex Meso Serum helps you to prevent hair loss.


 P.S.: Our Turkeyana Plus products will be on our web site with their brand new design soon!

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