Direct Hair Implantation is considered one of the most effective hair implantation techniques. It is an innovative technique based on triple synergy: Technique, teamwork, and avant-garde. In addition, DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is the most advanced technique in the world that offers improvement and fulfillment of patients' expectations. The most innovative and advanced hair transplantation involves the process of extracting hair grafts directly from the donor area, using the Micromotor. After extraction, the hair grafts are transplanted into the received area of ​​the patient using a special tool called the CHOI Implantation Pen with a holy needle.

What are the steps of DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) / CHOI?

In a graft transplant session, 2 to 6 CHOI implants and about 15 needles are used. These needles are supplied in different sizes to adapt them to the characteristics of each inner.

Step 1: Extraction

The DHI / Direct Hair Implantation process begins with the extraction step. The extraction of the grafts from the donor area is always performed under local anesthesia. The grafts are taken up individually with the (Micromotor) of the medical tool and placed in a special environmental solution (Container rich in nutrients) at a specific temperature to promote their natural development.

Step 2: Implantation

During the implantation step, the grafts are transplanted using a special waste implantation tool. This sophisticated tool does not require creasing and it is not necessary to open channels in the patient's scalp. CHOI pen implantation, the doctor inserts the extracted grafts into the pen. The graft is inserted into the hollow needle located at the tip of the CHOI pen implantation. Then the needle is inserted at an angle of 40 to 45 degrees.

Well, it's that easy to get your hair back! 

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