How To Apply Meso Serum After Dermaroller?

Dermaroller is the new trend to solve hair loss and the regrowth of hair, and there are results to prove it. In general, it’s the process of stamping or rolling the skin with a tool that contains metal microneedles. In effect, these needles create micro-wounds to the skin. While this may sound scary, many stressors to the body have positive effects. It’s like exercising and muscle formation.

Likewise, these tiny acupuncture-like wounds cause the skin to go into repair mode. It rejuvenates the scalp and causes it to act younger. Additionally, these micro-wounds produce 4 important benefits for hair regrowth, especially when combined with meso serums:

-Increases blood circulation

-Activates collagen and elastin production

-Stimulates the production of stem cells

-Increases the absorption of serums

Attention: If you have a skin condition like rosacea, acne, dandruff, or any scalp irritations, consult with your doctor before using a dermaroller.

How to use dermaroller on your scalp:

- Start with clean hair and a sanitized roller. On dry hair, place the dermaroller on the edge of where you want to strengthen or grow the hair (for example, at the hairline or the sides of the temples).

-Roll the device slowly over the area first horizontally, then vertically, and then diagonally. You should apply enough pressure to penetrate the scalp and feel a slight prickling or tingling, but not enough to cause pain.

-If there is hair in the area, be sure to move in the direction of the hair strands whenever possible to avoid pulling hairs out. Try to focus on making numerous passes. 8-10 passes in one direction, then lift and change directions.

-After usage make sure to rinse the roller in warm soapy water and dip it in a disinfecting alcohol solution, and allow the tool to dry.

After using a dermaroller you can apply on your scalp a hair growth serum. Hair regrowth serum used with microneedle will work better than using the serum alone. Turkeyana Plus Hair Complex Meso Serum helps prevent hair loss and supports the natural growth process of hair. Meso Serum contains ingredients that support the repair of hair cells and hair follicles. Contains many ingredients such as HERBAL STEM CELL, PROCAPIL, DNA, BIOTIN, GF FACTOR, KERATIN, SAW PALMETTO, NATURAL FINASTERIDE, HERBAL COMPLEXES, etc.

Immediately after the dermarolling procedure, Turkeyana Plus Hair Complex Meso Serum dropper is inserted on the vial to apply 1-2 minutes by massage. The first 3 sessions should be repeated with an interval of 10-14 days, and the next sessions with an interval of 21 days, a total of 8-10 sessions.

Thanks to its strong and intense content which includes plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid, sodium DNA, biotin, procapil, Turkeyana Plus Hair Complex Meso Serum helps you to prevent hair loss. So why suffer the embarrassment of hair loss when you can easily and inexpensively turn the clock back and enjoy a full head of hair again?

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