The hair loss is known by hair roots weakness, causing hair root atrophy, and hair thinning, which leads to hair falling off the scalp, the weakness causes in these roots, are numerous and affected by many factors, including surrounding climatic factors, and others internal morbid or genetic factors, malnutrition is also one of the most negative factors in overall hair health, because when hair does not take its need of nutrition from the body, it weakens and becomes more vulnerable to the most simple factors that cause hair weakness, and so make it more likely to falling off significantly.

The hair loss rate is considered normal if it is between 30 up to 100 hair a day and although it is a large number but it is a normal rate due to the factors that affect hair daily without our awareness. We pay no attention to our daily routine, which negatively impacts our general health and our hair health too. For example, washing the hair a lot leads to hair root and scalp weakness, drying the hair often leads to weakness the scalp and hair root and the use of electric hair dryers or curlers cause hair to weaken to the limit of falling off as the hairdressing materials alone considered to be the first hair killer. Whether hair dyes, coloring, and spray hair materials, and all these chemical compounds that resort to being used as a kind of hairdressing and beautifying, unaware they are the most affected factors.

The surrounding external factors affect the health of the hair, such as the sun’s rays and its heat, the strong winds, and the high rate of pollution in the atmosphere, all of it has the most important effects on the health of the hair and one of the causes of it in general.

There are several reasons why men and women share common causes.

Anemia, that directly affects hair health causing it to decline, weakened and then fall off.
Lack of certain nutrients in the body, which are responsible for supporting and strengthening hair follicles, namely iron, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin B complex. Some pathological conditions, cases of skin diseases, that are related to the scalp itself such as skin infections and fungal diseases that affect the scalp. Taking some medical drugs that have hair loss is one of its side effects, and often hair loss stops, after stopping the drug to return hair growth.

If the person has a disease in his body, as a defect in the secretions of the thyroid, whether increased or lack of secretions, or the presence of an immune problem, so that the immunity of the person is weak, or if the person has an immune disease that makes his immune system attacks hair follicles and kill them.

The psychological state, which is considered to be one of the causes of hair loss frequently, your presence in a situation of pressure and constant anxiety, will affect your hair and cause it to fall off heavily.
Neglecting hair care and periodically cleaning it from sweat and pollutants in the air.
Excessive use of harmful cosmetics, such as the use of dyes, colors and other cosmetics, that contain a high percentage of chemical substances, which cause hair loss and its destruction completely.
Washing the hair too much, leading it to dry and remove the fat, which secreted by the scalp without taking the benefit from it, so the hair gets weaken and falls off.
There are some reasons that appear to one gender without the other because of the different genetic structure of both men and women, we will mention more specific details on each one.

Many men suffer from hair weakness which often leads to full baldness. Here we will discuss certain diseases and health conditions that are considered to be causes of hair loss in men, including cases affecting the scalp alone, and others that affect the body’s hormonal state causing hair loss.

Dandruff causes for men. It usually causes inflammation in the scalp, this inflammation blocks the normal growth of the follicles and makes it even worse.
Thyroid disorders, which affect Testosterone, known as the male hormone, which is the main responsible for the genetic baldness for men, and these disorders on the conversion of Testosterone to the hormone Daihydro Testosterone (DHI), which is directly responsible for hair loss and baldness for men, DHI which is formed at the scalp and hair follicle, and which causes its weakness, this hormone attacks hair follicles and limits their growth.
Some chronic diseases such as diabetes, where people suffer from fluctuations in hormone levels and its irregularity in the body, which blocks the normal growth of hair and therefore causes hair weakness and falling off.
Infection with some diseases, which causes for men, such as Tinea infection, which begins with a small pimple, which leads to inflammation in the scalp and causes men hair loss.
Male Alopecia, which affects the scalp, causing gaps in some areas of the head, immune disease originally, a disease that affects the scalp and causes men hair loss.

Causes of hair loss also, by taking some drugs, such as the treatment of Steroid drugs, which is used by some people, for some immune diseases treatment and may Athletes used such drugs as stimulants.
Taking some drugs related to the hormones of masculinity, which some men need to have to treat some diseases, and these hormones lead to hair loss and activate the genes that are responsible for direct infection of baldness.
These reasons are considered as the reasons responsible for men's hair loss, but women and girls’ hair loss have different reasons depending on the different genetic structure as mentioned earlier.

Hormones are the main cause of loss in both men and women, of different severity of losing hair, and the types of baldness it produces. For women, they go through many hormonal changes during many stages in their lives, such as puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, postmenopausal and postmenopausal, these changes all affect the female body and cause it.

We will begin by explaining the causes of girls’ hair loss first, and then we’ll go on to the causes of it in general.

Among teenagers are many, such as changes on hormones level during puberty and psychological stress that accompany the transition from childhood to adulthood, also the wrong nutrition in this period, is the most influential reasons on girls, let us be more accurate:

-Wrong nutrition: as adults exaggerate in eating fast food, which affects body hormones, as the food itself contains hormones at a very high level, which directly affects the body hormones, which are themselves unstable, in addition to, fast food does not contain vitamins and proteins required to nourish the body properly, and this affects hair and skin condition, causing damage, and hair fall.
-Hormonal changes: During the period of puberty, hormones go through a significant change in the rate of female hormones, such as Estrogen and the other hormones, and this sudden change in hormones directly affects the skin and hair and causes mood swings.
-Wrong hairstyling: most girls in adulthood tend to lift their hair and pull it back strongly, in a shape known as the ponytail, and this causes hair thinning in the front area, also it causes hair front line declination which makes it falling heavily from this region.
-Taking medications that treat acne.

-Typical girls’ losing hair or what is known as medical Androgenic Alopecia, which occurs because of increased Testosterone, which appears in the form of circles on the sides of the scalp or in the middle of it.
-Polycystic Ovaries:  this appearance affects the female hormones’ work and increases the level of the male hormone, which in turn leads to hair loss significantly.
-Pregnancy and childbirth, as for the comprehensive psychological and physical changes that happen in women’s lives, you can find her hair healthy and dense through pregnancy, and then it begins to falling off profusely after birth because of the changing ratios in the body hormones, in addition to her physical and psychological health.

Weakened hair is a disease suffered by our ancestors as we suffer from it today, and despite the difference of science and knowledge and the development of medicine and technology, people did not stop the establishment of attempts to find the treatment of hair loss, throughout the ages. In ancient times hair was great social and cultural importance between the strata of society and the various religious communities that were interested in providing the social and cultural image to others. Today, the shape of the hair is no longer confined to one group of people, but hair health and beauty have become the focus of everyone’s attention. It is clear today that all people consider the type of healthy and beautiful hair as one of the factors influencing the evaluation of each person of himself aesthetically. Back in the days, good looking kind of hair used to show the social status of the person, but today, hair beauty and health are considered an aesthetic symbol that everyone seeks to obtain, which gives the owner of great confidence and personal comfort and beauty that imposes an attractive presence among everyone.

There are so many people are suffering from hair loss today, whether it’s their different age groups or hair quality, previously hair loss was associated with age only, baldness was not defined as a widespread disease on a large level, but was just a sign of aging, where young people did not suffer and, of course, beautiful appearance is no longer just a fashion we follow, but it is an imperative that affects the personality of the individual, and self-confidence, in addition to a person’s desire to live and seize his chances with high confidence, beauty makes the person inevitably initiator, the external look affects us when we see it in others, and it affects us when others see it in us, as it is said, the eye holds the key of communication, so when we have the appearance we want, we know that we will be more open to others, proactive and effective in our professional and social environment. If a person suffers from hair loss, he will not be satisfied with himself and will lose his confidence and will not be proactive in front of his friends and relatives, not to mention his co-workers, which makes his perception of his shape worse, there are many career and life opportunities that a person can lose due to hair loss.

Modern medicine has revealed many causes of hair loss with the importance of hair health and beauty for everyone, it was necessary for modern and medical science to discover an invention that leads to prevent or treat it, is no longer acceptable for some people to live negative psychological effects day after day, simply because they cannot find a treatment for hair loss or baldness which they suffer from.

It is no longer impossible, despite all the above causes of hair loss, modern medicine has helped in reach to many treatments, also the technology that helped in stopping the problem for both men and women of all age groups. It is easy to prevent it, and treatment of severe also and reduce it, because the reasons behind losing hair became known and clear, and working to treat these causes have become available.

For each stage of the above can be detailed stages of treatment, but we can summarize the provision of what we consider tips for you, if you follow them, they can help you prevent it, or even be a treatment for your condition, and may also help in the serious treatment.

Do blood tests periodically to ensure that hemoglobin level is good because iron deficiency leads to hair loss.
Have a periodic medical examination with both the dermatologist and the nutritionist, to reduce any negative symptoms before exacerbation and prevent hair loss. Be aware of the drug types you are taking, some of them will inevitably affect the health of your hair. Do not over-wash your hair, twice a week is enough because the sterilizers in the water absorb natural oils and fats in the hair and make it very weak.

Use natural oils suitable for your hair once a week, and use the right products for you very carefully, this in itself treatment of hair loss.
Rub your scalp periodically to stimulate blood circulation in the head, this will supply the bulbs with the necessary food, and stay away from hair dryers and leave your hair to dry naturally, this is much better.
Keep yourself away from stress causes, psychological calmness helps to prevent and it is effective in the treatment of severe hair loss.

Finally, maintaining hair health and beauty, for both men and women begins with a healthy balanced diet, drinking an adequate amount of water, committing to regular exercise and maintaining overall health.

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