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In this article, we are only going to talk about “medical hair serums”. The hair serums that you may find in every supermarket can vary and might be difficult to know if their ingredients are not only giving your hair a glow but also nourishing it. So, we will stick with the medical products which focus on nourishing your hair, giving your hair its old volume and prevent weak hair to fall easily.
Firstly, as we mentioned before, they are medical. So, they specifically created to “cure” your hair.

It can be used after hair transplantation.

If you had a hair transplantation, you may need a post-op era which using the correct product to nourish your “new” hair is vital. Hair serums enters in the scene in that moment where the newly grafted hair follicles need vitamins in order to heal faster and grow faster.

You do not need to wash afterwards.

Yeah, the hair serum’s one of the best specialty is that you do not need to wash it just after applying it.

It protects your hair from pollution and harmful rays of sun.

When you use your hair serum twice a day, it will cover your hair like a shield and will not let the sun or polluted air harm / dry it.
It helps to style your hair.

If you are looking for a hair product to style your hair, you are in the right place! Hair serum also may help you to have a softer and easily combed hair.
If fights against seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Since the hair serum that we mentioned is a medical product, it can also help you to fight against seborrhoeic dermatitis which can cause many problems such as red, scaly, greasy, itchy, and inflamed skin...

If you think that everything we mentioned above is too much for a little serum, we highly suggesting you to try Turkeyanaplus Hair Serum. You might be surprised with the fact that how a little bottle may create miracles.

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